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27/11/19 Lets get primed for our cleans

SOTS Press is a great way to prime our bodies for the cleans ahead. Its a great movement but can still be tough even with good mobility. So whatever level you’re at, however mobile you are, get to a limit and make sure every rep is pushing on that limit. Keep a tight spine with […]

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23/11/19 “3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER”

@alexdenney takes us through the days workout. This one was a @TurfGames workout from their Fittest in the City festival in 2019. It was made to test the fittest athlets in london so how do you guys fair!? Watch the video and see what its all about 🙂 #WETRAINWEDONTWORKOUT

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Burpee tekkers with Alex

Before tomorrows workout get a look at this video! @alexdenney takes us through some basic burpee tekkers. Get them more efficient and make your way up the leaderboard. Youll need them in tomorrows workout!