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Handstand Tekkers

Because everyone loves getting upside down!? @alexdenney takes us through how we can begin to progress our handstands

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KB Swings Tekkers

@alexdenney takes you through the basic mechanics of the kettlebell swing. Be effecient with the movemenet and dont waste your energy with inefficient movements. Get heavier, get stronger, get higher up the leaderboard.

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“Hazard” Throwdown

Get the movement requirements dialled in for “Hazard” tomorrow aim for consistent sets the whole way through. High rep ranges but just keep working and get it done

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Some quick tips from Alex Denney on how to dial in these double unders. get them locked in and efficient so we can climb our way up the leaderboard!

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Efficient front squats

Todays workout is Wasteland. Kicking off with front squats heres a quick video to help you through with some tips and tricks.

5 Exercises To Improve Your Deadlift

Every gym has at least one of them (OK, more like 10 of them)—the people who want to improve a specific skill or movements so their answer is to practice that skill every single day. I have a client—bless her heart—who was frustrated that her deadlift hadn’t improved in 12 months and proceeded to deadlift heavy every […]